Tuesday, October 19, 2010

E-commerce Website

I found this really interesting website. When I first clicked on it, I went to click off of it because I saw a bunch of Chinese writing all over. But the imagery really caught my eye. I began to look around a little bit more and saw some English writting. I began to navigate through the links on the pages and realized that even though there is a lot of text I cannot read, I still understood what I was looking at. It is a great idea to have two different languages on the site so more people can undertsand what is being sold.

As I went through the website I found that it was very visually appealling. The way that the images came in and out of the website were very professional looking and did not distarct me in any way, like some that pop out at you. There were some very nice transitions happening.

I thought it was a very unique website that sold chocolate for all 365 days a year.


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