Sunday, December 12, 2010


This site has some basic information about designing a website. It just explains what we all should know already, but it is good to have some solid information that you can go back to while designing new sites. It also talks about how different sites need different visuals and information according to the companies main goal.
Something that I really agree with is the fact that the web is for surfing. People like to skim content on a page. They don't read everything and the content on the page must be so successful and staright to the point that the viewers can understand your point without reading everything. One thing I have realized this semester is that people do not like to read. I feel that the images should be so impactful that the viewer can know what you are trying to say without even saying it.
Overall, I think this site is helpful to have in your bookmarks. You never know when you're going to need this information and when it can be helpful.
Ashley Matejka

Portfolio Site

I found this site while trying to update my portfolio site. This website helps designers go step by step in creating their site to promote their design skills. I know not everyone will want to be a freelance designer, but I think it is very important to have a site even for when you are looking for a job. By promoting yourself you show a sense of individualism and responsibility.
This site explains the importance of a few things that can make you or break you. A logo is one very important item to have on your site. It helps define you. I would recommend this site to someone that wants to build a simple site to help get some freelance work and promote themselves in the design world.
Ashley Matejka